I translate from French into English and from English into French.

My translations retain the meaning, style and tone of your text but do not sound like translations: they read like an original text written by a native speaker. The cultural concepts are clear and intelligible to the readers of a different culture.

Other Languages

I am part of a few networks of linguists, most of them based in the UK. Should you require interpreting or translation from or into, or even proofreading in, a language other than those I cover, please contact me and I will be happy to recommend a trustworthy colleague.

Certified Translations

As a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL), and being registered with the Consulate General of France and the French Embassy in London, I am accredited to provide certified translations of official documents such as birth and marriage certificates, degree certificates, etc. Information on certified translation can be found on the Home Office website.



There are two levels of work to consider: proofreading and copy-editing. A proofreader looks out for any typographical errors, spelling, syntax, grammar and punctuation mistakes, and will highlight any unclear sentence but will not make stylistic suggestions. A copy-editor will; their role is to look at the same things as the proofreader as well as check the style of the text, and will correct sentences by rewording them where necessary.

As a qualified linguist, I have the expertise to thoroughly check your text. Should you require copy-editing, I will suggest alternatives where needed to allow your text to flow, making it clearer and more convincing as a result.

I proofread and copy-edit texts in either English or French.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not edit texts poorly written by non-natives or machine translations! (Please see my blog post "No DIY Translation, Please!" on this topic.) If the author of the text does not have an excellent command of the language, please request a translation instead.


Please respect copyright. Unauthorised use prohibited.